Knox Ozone

The structure of the celebrated Knox shopping centre is located in the outer eastern Melbourne suburb of Wantirna South, inside the region of Victoria, Australia.

Since its opening, the Knox City strip mall has been extended a number of times to incorporate in excess of three hundred and fifty stores inside the primary strip mall. The outer region isn’t abandoned in this development. The present capacity of the Knox Westfield shopping mall’s car park is about 6300. As of now, the Knox city shopping mall falls two steps shy of being the biggest strip mall in Australia and a step shy of being the greatest in Victoria.

However, the Knox city shopping mall is not the only building deserving the attention of shoppers and diners in the area. Also, Wantirna South is the home of another prominent shopping centre – the Knox Ozone shopping centre. This outdoor shopping centre is adjacent to the popular Knox city shopping mall, and with the recent expansion of the centre, shoppers can access both buildings through the east section of the centre.

The Knox Ozone is home to many stores and first-rate restaurants that offer comfort to shoppers that want to rest their feet after the shopping exercise.

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